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My Apistogramma cacatuoids

My Apistos spawned!!!!! Saw the fries swimming free with mummy this morning before we left the house. Will have to keep monitoring them for 3 days, and remove the adults in a couple of days. 🙂 Wheeee!!!! I’m so happy….. … Continue reading

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One for the Office!

I finally got meself a small 30cm(L)x18cm(B)x18cm(H) tank for my desk in the office. Have been thinking about it for days now! 😀 Just filled it up today with cycled water from home, 2 baby guppies and a pair of … Continue reading

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Investing Update

Its been about just over a month since I started getting into the stock market. Have made just over a thousand, and more to come. 🙂 The journey has been very very fun, enriching and absolutely absorbing. 🙂 I’ve learnt … Continue reading

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Goodness…The STI is going Pots!!

Wah Lau.. today, the market is just a sea of RED. This is my watch list of stocks in Singapore. Mostly index component stocks, but still cannot tahan the Dow’s drop. Good thing I saw the signs early, and got … Continue reading

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Investopedia Update

I just went to check my imaginery stocks at Investopedia, and what do you know! Its mostly turned green. Whats the lesson here? Make sure you choose fundamentally sound and good stocks, and ride through the volatility. Over the long … Continue reading

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Going To School

I’ve always felt strongly about continuing education, but the type of education, and the timing for the right education is very important. Just the other day, I read about the disappointment of a man who had just completed his Executive … Continue reading

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Today’s Market

As expected, today’s stock market was on an express train downwards. The STI index shed 83.91 points and basically erasing the gains it etched last Friday before the Dow’s decline on Friday night. My own Hong Kong blue chip stocks … Continue reading

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Investopedia Portfolio Update

I haven’t been monitoring my US portfolio on Investopedia since the last time I posted, but when GE announced a 12% off their 1st quarter earnings causing a crash of their stocks from about $37 to just $32.05 when the … Continue reading

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My Investopedia Portfolio – Update

I just checked stock the stock price for my portfolio again, and found that it has grown. 🙂 Very nice feeling indeed. Actually, the reason why I signed up with Investopedia, was because I recently learned a method for choosing … Continue reading

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