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Intercontinental Jakarta – Incredible!

I stay at the Intercontinental Jakarta every time I’m in Jakarta. This hotel, catering to mostly the Japanese business crowd is a wonderful place to stay at. Apart from the excellent service and the great cosy bed and room they … Continue reading

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My Investopedia Portfolio – Update

I just checked stock the stock price for my portfolio again, and found that it has grown. 🙂 Very nice feeling indeed. Actually, the reason why I signed up with Investopedia, was because I recently learned a method for choosing … Continue reading

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Dumbass Actors

Charlie Charlie…. what a loser…. Upside down lah your iphone!

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Only in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been a high maintenance country for me…..from a business perspective, that is. Apart from the fact that its experiencing a relatively unstable political situation at this junction, my IT team there requires slightly more hand holding and … Continue reading

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M1 in talks with Apple

Woo Hoo! I wonder when it will come in. The good news is… I’m with M1. 🙂

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Screwing Up

ok ok…. so we do screw up occasionally. And it sucks! I was working happily on my new Asus WL-500g Premium wireless router (My Linksys WRT54g kept hanging because of Azureus, and I got really really fed up), and had … Continue reading

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I know this is like a “DuH!” thing for people in the US, UK or any other country with access to an iTunes store. But….to a Singaporean, its a pretty big deal. Well….at least to me, since I never bthered … Continue reading

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That’s It?

I’m now officially on Leopard. 🙂 And wow…I thought it would have been a pain to upgrade, but…woah…. really no sweat there. Just pop in the DVD, answer a few questions, fill in some registration stuff, and “Boom”. Its all … Continue reading

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iPhone Down, Leopard Next

ok. Now that the iPhone project is over, tonight, I’ll attempt the upgrade of Mac OS X Tiger (My current OS) to Mac OS X Leopard!

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