Standard Chartered Marathon Hong Kong Family Run 2017

Perhaps a short background is necessary here. Back in July last year, I was planning to run in both the Singapore and Hong Kong Standard Chartered Half Marathons. While I managed to secure a slot for the Singapore Marathon, I wasn’t so lucky with the Hong Kong Marathon, as they had opened the registration period round about the time I was having my ICD changed. By the time I had completed my operation, and fully considered if I would be fit for the Hong Kong Marathon, I realised that all slots for the Hong Kong Marathon had already been snapped up. Although there were still slots to get in via the charity path, it was only the 10K run, which I wasn’t really keen on.

Never mind… will just run in 2018, or so I thought…..

Then, Standard Chartered Bank wrote in January and invited us to run in the first ever screenshot-32Standard Chartered Marathon Family Run! Of course I snapped at the opportunity! The distance was going to be only 1.8km, and would be a good distance for Elkan to start off with, and perfect for both of us to run together! That there was no registration fees, and that we received all the standard running packs, race T-Shirts, and all the memorial and finisher medals was just fantastic and a wonderful gesture! We are so thankful! Thank you, Standard Chartered Bank!



The actual day itself was wonderful. Although a tad chilly at 11-13 degrees Celsius, it was perfect weather. No strong winds (which is ideal for the marathon, half and 10k runners). Still air, cold atmosphere, low humidity…. perfect.

We started off in the Wan Chai Sports grounds, and from there, it was a turn across into Hung Hing Road, over the Marsh Road Flyover from Wan Chai North to Wan Chai. And 20x30-hkbo0628-okthen, a left turn into Lockhart Road and straight down to Victoria Park. It was along Lockhart Road that this photo was taken. Love the photo! Elkan looks so good, and so professional. 🙂 And I am so so proud of this young man.

What a privilege to run with Elkan, and I hope that this will give both of us a fantastic memory to last our lifetime.



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3 Responses to Standard Chartered Marathon Hong Kong Family Run 2017

  1. JoL says:

    👍🏻😍You both look REALLY good!!
    And to many more to come!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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