Christians in the Marketplace


I’ve been thinking long and hard about whether to share this, mainly because it is of some religious nature, and I was concerned that as with material shared on the Internet, bares a risks for it to be mis-contrued. But, I decided that I would share it anyways, as this is something I do feel strongly and passionately about, and as there is very little sharing on how Christians should conduct themselves at their work place.

Back in early 2013, when I had just moved to Hong Kong, I had observed that there were some fellow believers at the work place, and as I had then had the privilege of listening to an excellent sermon by Ps Chung Kai at church (CEFC Singapore), I thought to write a note to my fellow believers who were on my team.

Recently, in my move to my new work place, I got myself to re-read this again, and it ministered to me significantly, as I am reminded again, that God is sovereign, and that I need to continually depend on Him. I hope that if you are a fellow believer, that this would also become your way of depending on God in all that you do. For my friends who are non-believers, I hope you will see that the advocacy is for Christians to be competent in all that they do, rather than playing their religiosity at the workplace. It never works.

As mentioned, this was a note I wrote to my team members in Hong Kong back in 2013, most of whom are still working with me.



Hi guys,
I’m writing because I know we are believers. In all of my 4 years or so in the Singapore office and in managing South Asia, I have never had the privilege of finding so many believers in the office and in the team. But when I came to Hong Kong this year, I was so pleasantly surprised that just within the Hong Kong team, there are already 4 believers. I am encouraged, and know that Hong Kong is very much opened to God despite its clearly Buddhist heritage and background.
You know that I don’t regularly share very much about Christ and Christianity during work days, but you would also know that I am very much guided by what God has laid down for us in the way we should conduct ourselves both at home and at work. As Christians at the workplace, we face constant challenges in ensuring we stay upright and ethical in all of our dealings with people so that the glory of God is shown through our lives. The other challenge we have is in ensuring that we are competent in what we do.
How do we be good practicing Christians who bring glory and honor to our God and yet be relevant to the jobs that God has called us to? Everyone of you knows that I am a stickler for competency, and I demand nothing less. Why is that so? Because I believe that although we are Christians, in the work place, we should never ever play our “religious” card first. We must ALWAYS demonstrate our “competency” card first, so that as we win respect and trust, we can then explain that we are Christians. In so doing, we glorify our Father in heaven. This in itself, is worship to God.
In one of the sermons at church, this was expounded on in some detail, and I would like to share the gist of it with you, and I hope that it can be your guiding principals at work as it is mine.
How should we manage our work as a worship to God? There are 3 key things we need to watch out for, and they are:

1. Our Competency – Be good and competent in whatever you do!
2. Our Diligence – Work hard!! Work Hard!! and Work Hard!!! Don’t be lazy
3. My Righteousness – In all that we do, we have to always be righteous before God and Man…

We also need to Keep God in the center of it all by:

1. Starting our day by committing our tasks to Him. This shows DEPENDENCY on God
2. Thanking God when things go well. This HONORS God
3. Closing the day by seeking God’s approval for what we did in the day. This ensures VALIDATION by God

I hope you have  a restful weekend with your friends and families and as you recharge for the new week. If you feel these type of sharing is useful, please let me know. we can take this off the company email and continue this through our personal email addresses. Take care


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