Our Journey in Hong Kong

I’ve been in Hong Kong for a little over ten months now, and Chris and the kids have been here for over 2 months. By and large, we’ve settled down well in Hong Kong. The kids have particularly taken well to school at the Singapore International School (SIS). They’ve got friends, and are blending in well. Christine’s found her small group of Singaporean Mummies of fellow school children at SIS, and has regular breakfasts, lunches, and parent volunteer events at school.

So… why do I still feel a little miserable at times? Well, I think we still have not found a good Christian community where there are families with school going children like ourselves. When I compare the situation with what we’ve got in Singapore, it pales in comparison.

True, we’re attending a church with a good teaching. However, it currently does not have any children’s church. This means that the children sit along with us during service. The word is good, but its not catered for children. So, this means they drift off mentally, and eventually get on their mobiles playing games to pass the time. Not the best…. 😦


Ideally, I’m really looking for a church with Singaporean families with young school going children, have children’s church. In short… I’m looking for what we’ve left behind in Singapore. I’m sure this isn’t exactly realistic, but one can hope. 🙂

We’ve got school, and the day to day stuff settled, and I really need to ensure that our spiritual journey as a family is well catered for. Please do pray with us….

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