Settling In


By all accounts, am settling in well. Have since January 3rd, taken over the apartment, turned on the electricity, water and gas. Obtained my car park space (expensive!!!), apartment card keys, letter box keys, etc, and of course furnishing the apartment with the usual basic odds and ends (bed, washer, dryer, broom, mop, cutlery, kettle, you get the point).

Its a week already, and time really flies, especially when work is crazily busy. Christine and I have gotten a place south of Hong Kong Island, on a small bespoke island district called Ap Lei Chau. South Horizons has 34 towers and about 9,800 residential units. It’s a very well self-contained community with its own mall, supermarket, restaurants, club facilities and a very mature transportation interchange. Apart from buses that now bring you almost everywhere (from airport to Kowloon), the MTR reaches this part of Hong Kong by 2014.

Most importantly, its 10 minutes from the Singapore International School where the kids will be going. Being 20km+ away from the office is a small price to pay. Especially as the air here is cleaner… πŸ™‚

The only thing missing now….. My family… πŸ™‚

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