Krisflyer Elite Gold …. Again….

Ok…. Remember my post on January 10th about my New Year’s Resolution? well, just a short post to say that I’ve fallen a little short of my New Year’s resolution to achieve Elite Gold status by June… 😄but I received an email from Krisflyer this morning…. Just got Elite Gold status on 14th July…. 14 days off.


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One Response to Krisflyer Elite Gold …. Again….

  1. Jaime Boyd says:

    The smart fellas over at Buffer get all science-y and explore why new year’s resolutions typically don’t work out. Once you’re armed with the knowledge about why our brains have a hard time keeping resolutions, you can start to re-frame your commitments into something that’s more likely to succeed. Some of the keys: keeping it simple, focusing on habits instead of aspirations, positive feedback, and social accountability.

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