There’s Much To Be Seen at The Punggol Park Connector

I had originally planned to head out cycling this morning at 5:30am. Try and catch the sun rise along the Serangoon River/Punggol Channel. But although the alarm rang at 5am, I found myself still really tired out. It was important to pay back my sleep deficit, and I went back to sleep.

I then got up at 8am, and after Elkan headed out for his swim lessons, and the girls started their tuition, I took the Brompton out for a ride around the park connector network.

It was already 9:00am by this time. Nevertheless, it was still early, and boy, did I have a good time. Just as I swung into the park connector behind Rio Vista condominium, I saw the unmistakeable silhouette of a White Bellied Sea Eagle! This guy was swirling above the river again and again… and once it swooped down touching the waters, but left the water empty. It was catching for breakfast!

By this time, I was getting excited, and took out my camera. On the camera was the 25mm f1.4 lens, and this clearly was not enough. The small speck you see in the photo is the eagle!

Luckily I had also packed my 100-300mm Telephoto lens as well. So, I quickly swapped out my lenses and tried again. Took a couple of shots, and really… this was my first time using this lens on a new camera, and I haven’t had many practice shots… so.. after many attempts, thankfully there was this acceptable image that could be used.

This eagle is a common resident and can be seen inhabiting coastal shores as well as the northern and southern islands. Its also seen well inland near rivers and reservoirs. I’ll be certainly looking out for him/her whenever I am in the area. Actually, with vegetation like this, the entire area hosts many different types of animals and birds… 🙂

And what was I riding today? The Brompton of course! This bike has been left pretty much in the store room because of my frequent travels. But with the Park Connector now opened, its real useful..

The rest of my ride wasn’t as dramatic as coming across the White Bellied Sea Eagle, but I still enjoyed it tremendously. This bridge was recently completed, and is a godsend for many cyclists. Now it takes much less time to get to Pasir Ris from Hougang, and getting to Changi Coast road and East Coast Parkway is so much easier and safer!

Riding past Punggol Promenade, the unpaved track passes by Coney Island, before coming face to face with the Shipyard in neighboring Johor. Did you know that Pasir Gudang is just behind the Shipyard!

Riding further past Punggol End and past the Sengkang Swimming Complex where Elkan was having his swim lessons, I ended up near Gerald Drive.. Heres when I got my next “Wow” lesson. I just chanced upon Kampung Lorong Buangkok! Although I have heard numerous times of this last Kampong in Singapore, I had never known where it was located. BUt along the park connector, I saw it! Clear as day light! Gosh!!

I was reaching close to Punggol Park and back home when I saw my final “Wow”! The PCN led me along the flood canal on Buangkok Link. Heres when I saw what I thought to be a Cattle Egret. But, no! After checking and verifying with my book, I realised it was a Little Egret! 🙂

The Little Egret is the smallest of the Egrets, and can be commonly seen during Winter in Singapore. However, they are also seen in smaller numbers throughout the year. No nesting records though.

So… you never know what you might see while cycling or walking through the Punggol PCN. If you haven’t tried it before, perhaps its time you did! 🙂

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