Notes to the Cell Group

Dear CG,
Would just like to share with you some of my thoughts as we move into Good Friday and the Easter weekend.

Important to Finish Well
I’ve been reading the book of 1st Kings over the last few weeks. The first portion of the book (chapters 1-11) was about the handover of power from King David to King Solomon. Solomon by all accounts was one of the greatest kings in Isreal, but Chapter 11 records for us that due to his love for women, he married many foreign women, and thus opened the door to idolatry.
He had 700 wives, princesses and 300 concubines. His wives turned his heart away from God (1 Kings 11:3). He brent after foreign gods and built high places of worship for these foreign gods.
God then said to Solomon in verse 11: “because you are doing this and have not kept my covenant and my statutes, which I have commanded you, I will surely rend the kingdom from you and will give it to your servant!”
My challenge to us this week, as we enter this Holy week and remember the sacrifice of our lord for us on the cross, is to take stock of our lives. Where are we now, what are we doing? Where are we on the eternal race towards God? We may have started well, but are we on target to end well?

Don’t Miss the Trees for the Woods!
From 1 Kings 12 onwards, we now read about the Division of the kingdom as God had promised. Both Isreal and judah now had various kings who were so far away from God, if you lived in those days, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Philistine and a Jew. πŸ™‚
BUT, the point is…. The spiritual legacy from David and Solomon wasn’t passed down to their descendants. They strayed and turned completely from God. What happened?
The bible doesn’t record for us how David and Solomon instructed their numerous children in the ways of the Lord, but I would venture to say that they probably didn’t do very much of it.
As we pray during this season for the Next Generation, keep in mind that we are all ultimately responsible for how our children develops in their lives, at least in their developing years.
Are we spending enough time with our kids? Are we instructing them in the ways of the Lord? Are we modeling the right methods and lifestyle to them? Do we pray with them? Do we pray for them?
Our children are a privilege from God. They are the arrows in our hands. We need to ensure that we are good parental stewards of them. They are the trees in the large woods we live in. Don’t miss the trees for the woods!


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1 Response to Notes to the Cell Group

  1. DD says:

    Nicely put. You’re sounding more and more like Paul of Tarsus πŸ™‚

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