Hong Kong Transport vis-a-vis Singapore’s

I’m on the way back to Singapore this morning. And as I hop on the taxi, giving myself a good 40 mins to get to the airport, I really didn’t have to worry at all….

I couldn’t help but notice the congestion on the roads this morning during peak hour….


Crowded right? Sheesh….. I know this wasn’t Central, but gosh…. This is crazy!

Better still, my colleague just bought a spanking new Audi A4 like the one below. How much you ask?


HKD 330,000 or SGD54,300!! In Singapore, probably not enough to even buy a Chery QQ.

I wonder how HK does it? I’m pretty sure the efficient MTR and public transport system helps. I can’t help but think about our own transport systems, road congestion and price of cars.

I know I’m not wanting to be negative about things, and i dont have full empirical evidence that traffic is far better in Hong Kong than it is in Singapore, but, still, from my experience in all of my trips to Hong Kong, I come away impressed. We must be doing something less efficient and correct than our Hong Kong friends. And to this, I still question the issue of ministerial pay. Do our government really deserve to be remunerated so highly?

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