My Taxi Bugbear

I wonder if anyone’s felt this way before, or going through the same feelings and bugbear I am going through with regards to this.


I travel quite a fair bit, and I always travel with luggage. Its interesting that when taxi’s pick you up at the airport’s taxi queue, they ALWAYS come out of their taxis to open their boot and help you load your luggage. I’ve also noticed that when Taxis pick me up from home to the airport they sometimes come out of their taxis to open their boot and help you load your luggage.

BUT….. when they alight you, I’ve always noticed that 100% of EVERY SINGLE TIME, they unlock the boot for you to open the boot to unload your luggage, but sit in their seat without coming out of their taxis to help you unload your luggage. It’s like that the end of the business transaction, and you’re on your own! I really can’t stand that!

ok… I don’t mind if they don’t help me with my luggage. Its a 29′ Aluminum luggage after all, and can get pretty heavy, and the taxi drivers are not young…. BUT… they expect me to shut the boot for them so that they can drive off? So.. I don’t get it… I don’t mind helping them, but, its logical that if someone helps me, I would reciprocate right? So… if you don’t help me with my luggage, why should I help you with closing your boot?

I know this bugbear goes TOTALLY against how I should behave in terms of being more gracious, and of course, the Fruit of The Spirit comes to mind….. but, I wonder if I should conduct a social experiment for all my future taxi rides home, to just take my luggage out, and leave the boots opened. I’d like to see how the Taxi drivers react, particularly since taxi fares now costs more, yada, yada, yada

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One Response to My Taxi Bugbear

  1. skinnywench says:

    Seriously – taxis abroad the ban of my life – especially in Asia where the men will help my male partner load his luggage in the boot and let me do mine mysellf

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