My New Year Resolution

ok… I have a new, New Year Resolution.


The last time I got my Krisflyer Elite Gold was back in August 16th, 2006. I achieved the status in 4 months 11 days flat! I was then, a Regional IT Manager with Pharmalink, a Pharmaceutical Distributor. I was young, ambitious and definitely crazy. I’m not sure how I did it, but I did. 🙂

So, I’m fired up again. You know, even though I travelled so much last year, they were mostly shuttle flights between Singapore and Malaysia. Each way, only 191 miles… Totally impossible to achieve any decent miles…

And for some reason, I had totally forgot about my Krisflyer Amex Gold Card! So, I reapplied for the card again, and I’ve started purchasing my flight tickets directly, online on the Singapore Airlines site. This not only gets me 2 x miles, and is also cheaper!

So… coming to my point… My new resolution is to try and get my KrisFlyer Elite Gold card by June 2012. I’m no longer so crazy and can’t do it in 4 months and 11 days….

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