Are We on the Path to Destruction?

I’ve been doing some thinking lately on the recent spate of events in Singapore and the world. There’s been last year’s General Elections, the Presidential Elections, the recent SMRT breakdowns, the mis-steps by Seng Han Thong, Grace Fu, ministerial salary review, the UK riots, Egypt riots which toppled Mubarak, Libya civil wall that eventually killed Gaddafi, and the list can go on and on…….

and….. I’m troubled.

I’m troubled not because I feel strongly about any of those incidents, or that events didn’t turn out the way I would have liked to to. But, I am troubled with the manner and way Singaporeans and indeed individuals the world over are behaving when discussing/debating these issues or in making their points heard.

Keeping the discussion to just domestic current affairs, I am perturbed that the behaviour of many Singaporean netizens behind a computer on facebook, twitter, blog, etc can get extremely rowdy and ungracious. You can see similar behavioral traits globally, and I fear for the future of the world and Singapore for the next generation. There seems to be a spirit of bitterness, discontent and utter chaos and disregard for basic human decency coming from participants.

I recall that I was pretty vehement myself during last year’s May Elections, and was pretty smug-ed about voting the PAP out from Aljunied. I was pretty vocal as well on facebook during the hustings. But on the Sunday after the elections, Senior Pastor shared some of his thoughts on the general behaviour of Christians on the Elections, that that quickly set me on the straight and narrow path.

As Christians, we’re called to be the light and salt of the world. If, I don’t behave differently from the non-Christian next to me, then what is my salt? and what is my light?

I can have my political leanings and convictions, but I can make my voice heard in a gracious way. I can be different. I don’t have to be the same as others who pepper their remarks with almost vicious and blood thirsty bitterness.

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