Elkan’s First Day at School

This is our final kid…. The last one to graduate from Living Sanctuary Kindergarten, and the one who released us from more than 6 years of listening to the same graduation music at Living Sanctuary’s graduation Concert… Ohhh…. Even now, the voice of Don Moen rings loud and clear in my sub-conscience… *shudder*….. 😀

But, jokes aside, Elkan finally joins the family as a Saint at St Andrews Junior School, as Mun Kong pedantically reminds me. He is in Romanis, no less.


This is the boy, standing outside our house at 6am in the morning, all ready to go to a spanking brand new school. His daddy, more nervous and excited than he, proudly brings him downstairs to board the school bus.


We meet another boy downstairs, living in the same block and on the same school bus. As we send him off, mummy excitedly snaps a shot of Elkan on the bus…. LoL!

We’re now waiting at a coffee shop in Potong Pasir, finishing up breakfast as we wait for time to get back to school and see him at recess. This is really a home coming for me as well… Being able to come back to the hallowed grounds of the school, facing my demons and meeting my old friends and teachers….

I hope they don’t catch me for defacing the school bell back in 1982….

Back in school for Elkan’s recess. Just some pics

Elkan leaving the canteen with parents every where!

Listening to Mummy….

Elkan with his Buddy at the school pond…

Elkan reaching home!

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