2011 General Elections – 7th May 1:15pm

1/3 of voters this time round are young Singaporeans below 35. If there are 2.5 million voters, this means there are at least 830,000 voters below 35. Most, if not all 40 and below are well versed with the Internet and social media.

This entire segment of the electorate are not blinded with the main pro-PAP media, and are free to choose alternative media online. This is the reason why the PAP is quivering with fear.

Will Marine Parade fall because of Tin Peh Ling? very possible hor…

Will Holland BUkit TImah move to support Tan Jee Say, Ang Yong Guan, Vincent Wijeysingha and Michelle Lee. Good fighting chance.

Will Aljunied vote WP? super possible and very likely.

I hope by tonight, as Singaporeans, we can celebrate the rebirth of our great nation.

Majulah Singapura!

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1 Response to 2011 General Elections – 7th May 1:15pm

  1. nakedmartian says:

    You came at a time when poverty was rife
    When corruption and greed was part of life
    Water were drawn from the ground
    And chicken and pigs were all around

    Lead on harry, lead on

    You took the british down
    And then the agong was no longer around
    You gave me a pen and taught me how to write
    But you also took away my rights

    Lead on pm, lead on

    The commie you fought
    And told us of the choas they brought
    Those commie finally see the lights
    And the history you write

    Move on pm, move on

    Lesser men heeds your might
    And took flight
    While greater men took up the fight
    Never did they see daylight

    Move on pm, move on

    Skyscrapers soon soars to the sky
    With ministers salaries just as high
    Who can disagree, when you say you are right
    What can we do, our hands are tied

    Move on pm, move on

    Threats are abound
    Evertimes an election comes around
    Why gives us a piece of paper and a pen fill with ink?
    When you never meant for us to think

    Move on mm, move on

    Your children are now all grownup
    And not just by any luck
    Release them and let their spirits soars
    And history will someday appreciate you more

    Move on mm, move on

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