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The Change of Singapore Politics?

Barely just 7 days after arguably the most significant General Elections since Singapore’s independence which saw the win of Aljunied GRC to the Workers Party, and a drop of the PAP’s electoral votes to 60.1%, Singaporeans were treated to a … Continue reading

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The Morning After – GE 2011

Insightful piece by Cherian George. I don’t know how to spin this, nor am I sure if this has been done anywhere else in the world before (Perhaps President Obama’s appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State comes to … Continue reading

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2011 General Elections – 7th May 1:15pm

1/3 of voters this time round are young Singaporeans below 35. If there are 2.5 million voters, this means there are at least 830,000 voters below 35. Most, if not all 40 and below are well versed with the Internet … Continue reading

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