Korea – 29 & 30 Dec 2010 – Muji Ski Resort and Journey Home

This was our last two days in South Korea. We spent the morning in Muji, and were en-route back to Seoul. Thankfully, the weather had improved tremendously, and it had stopped snowing in the morning, allowing the roads to be cleared, and us to be able to make our way down the mountain.

We had to return our gear to the rental shop…

And then.. by late afternoon, we had arrived at Lotte World, the very last stop of our trip.

I have to say it is a worthy effort by the South Koreans, but… just doesn’t cut it in terms of characters and depth of thought given to the games and the attractions. Definitely not in the class of a Disneyland or a Universal Studio.

Most of the attraction is built within a large glass dome.

We were finally leaving Seoul…Jenny, our hardworking and very likable tour guide with Christine and Siew Pheng. I have to say that Jen Nee, or Jenny, our Korean tour guide is simply fabulous! Very very highly recommended. She speaks excellent Mandarin…. much much better than I do.. 😦

Final Group Photo.

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