Korea – 27 & 28 Dec 2010 – Daegu & Muji Ski Resort

The 27th was mostly spent on the road. We flew back from Jeju to the main island, and began a long bus ride through Daegu to the Muji Ski Resort. It snowed overnight, and the roads were nicely covered with soft snow…

We had a nice Korean dinner just before reaching the resort…I can’t remember what exactly it was, but… I didn’t really like it.. :p

By the time we checked into our room, it was already dark… Couldn’t see much, but the skit slopes were right outside our room.

Oh man.. but when the morning came… this was what we saw!

Snow has an interesting ability to dampen sound, and when you just look out the balcony at this wondrous snow, the quietness of the mountain takes you quite by surprise…. it is just so peaceful….
It was still snowing heavily as we made our way to the main hall to gather our skis and boots.

Jenny, our tour guide giving us a lesson on basic skiing…

Finally on the slopes!

It snowed and snowed and snowed….

Skiing is just too tiring…

We were so tired by the time the day ended… Heres a shot of our entire tour group…

Hello Kitty in the mountains..

Snow just makes everything look so beautiful right?

Some more pics here

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