Korea – 26 Dec 2010 – Jeju Island

This was probably one of the most enjoyable day during our trip. For the record, we were told that Jeju recorded it’s heaviest snowfall when we were there! This made the ATV ride really really fun, allowing us to skid the ATV at every corner… man! It was fun!

But first… it was to the boring Seongsan Sunrise Peak, which is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Don’t really know why its a tourist attraction, but… it was just one of the stops on the itinerary. We could climb up to the peak.. but… no thanks..

Just at the base of the peak, we were able to see a nice part of the Jeju coast.

Then, it was off to pick some famous Jeju Oranges and Tangerine! Boy, this was fun… and wet!

It was still snowing while we were picking the oranges, and Kyla was trying to lick the snowflakes as they fell.

Then.. we went for the really fun stuff. Snow ATV ride!!!

While Elkan and I were on the ATV, the girls went ahead with a snowball fight…

Ariel making snow angels…

Snowing and snow ball fun!

More photos here

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