Korea – 23 Dec 2010 – Getting There

I know, I know…. slightly more than a year late… but… better late than never.

We made a trip to Korea in December 2010, together with Stephen’s family. Stephen and I had visited one of the travel fairs, and decided to make a trip to Korea at the end of the year. The tickets, if I remembered, were purchase back in July/Aug of 2010. My workload then was fairly light, as I was just taking care of IT for one country, and I had by then stabilised the team. Things were pretty much on auto pilot, and the pending/rumoured acquisition of my company made things pretty much stagnant. So…. without thinking too much, we went ahead to purchase our tickets. But by December, things had changed dramatically at work, and I was on the verge of tendering my resignation. I decided to just switch off my blackberry, and head to Korea for a week of fun. And so.. in retrospect, it was the right decision and thing for me to do. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

We left on Dec 23rd in the afternoon. It was a evening flight, and we were to land in Seoul in the early morning. Kids getting ready to go to the airport!
Kids on Luggage

It was Christmas, and we were all excited to finally get on the way!
Family Pic

Samuel, Sherry, Kyla, Ariel and Elkan…

They’re really excited…

ok… getting a little bored now.. .still waiting for our plane to start boarding…
Waiting to Board

Once we boarded the plane, the kids went on a rampage on the Kris World Entertainment System….
Kris World

Cosy and toasty…

More Photos here

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