Cycling in Hong Kong

I had to fly up to Hong Kong last week for a business trip, and I decided to extend my stay in Hong Kong by a day to try out cycling in Hong Kong. 🙂 I had read about cycling from the Shatin area to the Tai Po-Tai Mei Tuk area in the Northern Territories, and thought that I should try it out.

So, I decided to try it out. The map below shows exactly where I would be cycling…. It starts from the Shatin area, up northeast to Tai Po and then the Plover Cover Dam area. It should be fun! 😀
Shatin to Tai Po

This is the Shing Mun River along Shatin. It extends about 8 to 10 km all the way to the sea.

Here you can see the extend of the length of the river… This is by far the straightest and most beautiful river in Hong Kong… At least what I know of!

So, I removed the Brompton from my Lojel luggage, and set to work unfolding it. Yes… this 16″ wheel folding bike can really get into a 26″ luggage. Its amazing!

Heres the Brompton unfolded and in a “prone-d” position ready to head off!

While I had originally planned on cycling on Sunday morning to avoid the crowd, Eddie, my good friend and ex-colleague said he wanted to join me cycling, and so, after lunch on Saturday, we decided to go cycling on Saturday afternoon instead. Heres Eddie getting his rented bike on one of the bicycle kiosks along the river.

It was a beautiful and cold (16 degrees) afternoon in Shatin. Heres Eddie cycling in front of me…

The cycling path is just next to the river, and for the most parts is pretty ok. The beginning of the cycling path was a little too narrow though, and with the number of cyclists on the Saturday afternoon, it was a tight squeeze.

Look at the crowd at some intersections!

The path has good signages, so for the most parts, you know the directions to head towards. I got mis-directed a couple of times, but not major issues.

The other good thing is the existence of subways which allows cyclists to go under a road. Its fabulous!

I finally reached Tai Mei Tuk Village near the Plover Cove Dam. It’s about 19km from Shatin.

At Tai Mei Tuk Village, you can rent bicycles as well, and I heard, you can rent it here, and return it at Shatin, and vice versa! Well Done!

Finally, a shot of the Brompton in front of the Science Park area just at the mouth of the Shing Mun River to end the day. It was a wonderful experience!

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4 Responses to Cycling in Hong Kong

  1. JoL says:

    wow! What an adventure 😀 Eddie?? someone I might know as well? Hope he’s doing well 🙂

    btw, what’s happening with your tank?

  2. paulcbc says:

    Hi Jo…
    Yup. Its Eddie alright… 🙂 He’s doing well. With a subsidiary of Zuellig.

    My tank? Its still there mah… ha ha ha…. I should take a photo soon and show everyone. 🙂

  3. JoL says:

    Good to hear he’s doing well 🙂 Send my regards to him when you see him next 🙂
    Yah, do post. I want to see what’s it’s like now.

    Regards to Chris and the kids.

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