All Packed & Ready to Go

Will be heading up to Hong Kong tomorrow through Sunday, and will be staying at the Disneyland Hotel for the conference, but will transfer to Park Royal Hotel in Shatin on Saturday through Sunday for my cycling… 🙂

Bought a 26″ Lojel luggage to pack my Brompton… Lined it with bubble wrap to protect the bike….
Lojel 1

Heres the Brompton in the luggage… snug fit.
Lojel 2

Finally packed and ready to roll…
Lojel 3

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7 Responses to All Packed & Ready to Go

  1. Doug says:

    To fit your Brompton in the case did you have to dismantle any part of the bike or did it fit snuggly?

  2. paulcbc says:

    Just had to take out the seat post and the pedal that didn’t fold. The test went in ok

  3. Jeremy says:

    May I know which model of Brompton is that?

  4. Kay Jay says:

    I bought this kind lojel luggage of but I remember 3 number combination. So Desperate…I don’t know whom to ask?

  5. Alex Wong says:

    My name Alex from Hong Kong?
    I would like to ask is there any chance to find the same suitcase as yours?
    ( New or second hand ).
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards Alex

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