The Tank Is In

Last weekend, while world leaders were busy flying into Singapore for the Apec summit, I was busy with my little own tank summit. 😀 My tank arrived on Saturday, and it was a busy Sunday!

The tank makers came in the morning….

Heres the sump, all wrapped up and nice…..

Another view from the side.

Heres the “Auto Top up” tank… will be kept to either the side or front of the sump, to create more space in the cabinet. Hmmm…. I asked Steve (Aquamarin for a refugium compartment, but can’t see it. Will ask him about it later when he’s here.

Sorry for the crappy photos. They’re all taken from my iphone. The guys bringing in the sump. Nice black oyama on the back of the tank.

Bringing it to the balcony.

Relatively easy to put this into the cabinet. Its super light compared to the tank that is to follow.

The “Auto Top Up” tank with its glass cover. I like it!

The overflow compartment in the sump with the glass cover. Good way to keep salt creep to a minimum.

Heres how the cover opens up…

ok… after the sump, the display tank’s turn. This is going to be heavy and tough due to the restricted space I have on the balcony.

Heres the tank… you can see that it’s braced at the bottom of the tank too… Will show another picture on this later.

They wanted to push the tank in using their trolley, but I said no as I’ve got parquet floor in the house, and the wheels would damage the floors if they are dragged across the floor. Chris would kill me. So, they had to carry it in… feel so bad…

Ready? 1, 2, 3 go!

Can’t get it up. The space is really tight such that it doesn’t allow maneuvering around the tank. Guys taking a pause to think through how to get it up.

ok… one more try…

Some more difficulties… change places….

ok.. hold on…

Argghh… have to find space. I got really nervous when one of the blokes decided to climb up the balcony parapat….*eeek* He better not fall…

Finally using the suckers to carry the tank from this awkward angle.

Almost there….

Finally in!!!! But in the process, they damaged a little of the underlying foam beneath the tank. Not a big problem, really….

Immediately, set one of my princesses to work….

Heres a view of the bottom brace as I promised earlier.

Heres a view of the internal overflow compartment…

Thats it for now….

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