Setting Up The Tank

The guys from Aquamarin came by at about 4:30pm, after battling a tire puncture. The fact that they are still so cool…

The obligatory equipment and accessories “show-off”. I don’t have any top-of-the-line best-of-breed items, so, this actually makes me feel a little embarrassed.

Elbows, ball valves, t-joints, etc…

Marine Environment Salt

Live Sand from Nature’s Ocean

This is a local Singapore Skimmer. Its been doing very very well, and is widely used in Asia, Australia, etc. I thought I’d support the local Singaporean company. 🙂 From what I’ve been hearing, it would give Deltec a run for its money. The Skimz Monzter 180…

A closer look…

For those who like to know the technical specifications…

Technical Data:
• Skimmer pump: 2 AquaBee 2000/1 needlewheel
• Power consumption: 40W
• Air intake: 900 l/h
• Method of feeding: Gravity or feed pump
• Feed rate: max. 1200 l/h

• L 345 x W 326 x H 608mm
• Feed inlet Ø (mm): 16/22 flexible hose
• Return outlet Pipe Ø (mm): 50
• Skimmer body Ø (mm): 180

For Aquariums:
• Normal stocking – 1200 litres
• Heavy stocking – 600 litres

Another view…

ok.. enough about the skimmer already. Now on to the Phosphate Reactor… Also a product from Skimz… The Skimz FM100 Fluidised Reactor

• For aquariums: up to 600 litres
• Media: 200 – 400g of SORB-4 or 400 – 800ml of other media
• Flow rate: 600 – 1000 l/h

• L 180 x W 135 x H 465mm
• Reactor body Ø (mm): 100

Aquabee 5000, my return pump.

Aquabee 2000. This powers the Skimmer.

This small Ehiem powers the Phosphate Reactor.

ok.. enough with the equipment. Tank is finally ready for the water!:AddEmoticons04246:

It’s almost dark! Steve working on the FM100…

Tank’s full… time for the salt….

A look at the sump with almost all the equipment in. My ATO and Refuguim isn’t ready yet…

A close up of the Phosphate reactor. Terrible camera shake… :AddEmoticons0429:

Close up of the skimmer in action…

Can you believe this? In less than 5 minutes… its picked up stuff already!

Piping. The overflow pipes by gravity feed.

Runs horizontally to the left side of the sump.

Did a quick aquascaping of the rocks and finally decided on this…. Unlikely to change for now. 🙂 Looks nicer with more depth than I could capture on the photo….

Another view

In went the sand after I was satisfied with the scaping, and everything blurred up….

After a day, I decided that a little more rock would make the scape nicer, so I headed out to the LFS to get some. Came back and did a slight rescape… ended up with this..

Angled from the right side..

From the left front

Angled from the bottom up. You can see that there are lots of nooks and crannies for the fishes to swim.

Some closer shots at the rocks.

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