Polishing Updates

Almost done…. 😀

And finally done! So Shiny! Lovely! Wah… the thinner fumes are incredible! Feels like glue sniffing…. getting high….

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4 Responses to Polishing Updates

  1. JH Fong says:

    actually the matt finish will make the whole house feel warmer…not in temperature but the ambience. On top of that it is easier to maintain. scratches will not show up that easily as compared to shinny surfaces….
    I’ve converted all my shinny floors to matt finish

  2. Craftsman says:

    It’s shiny now because it’s wet. Now that it’s dry, it’s Matt. 🙂

  3. bigdad says:

    bro, consider installing a retractable awning for your balcony. that’s very effective in shielding the rain and sun away, plus it’s retractable so you can still enjoy the airiness or skylight whenever u want to. It’s one of the best things i’ve done for my EM ever

  4. paulcbc says:

    Thks bro for the suggestion. Have thought about it before, but decided not to do it. 🙂

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