At Home Today

I’m on leave today to be at home when the contractors come. The heavy rain last week caused a minor disaster in my home. The balcony doors which have been left opened for the most part of the last 5 months, was similarly left opened on that fateful day.

If you remember, last thursday had a whoel day of torrential rain, and by the time I got home on Thursday evening, the wood strip seams of the parquet floor had popped up. It was definitely too late. Although the wood was not damaged (Thank God), the wood filler in between the parquet strips were. I had no choice but to get my contractors in to redo that portion of the floor… grrrrhhhhh……

So, thats the reason why I’m home today to watch the house while they go about their work. Here they are sanding the floor.

The difference between the sanded parquet and the matt polished one.

In other much happier news, my frangipani finally bloomed!

Another bunch still un-opened….

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