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Tank Update

The chiller is finally in today. Because of space, the only choice I have for the chiller is to host it on an “L” bracket above the tank. Steve helped me put this together. Thanks Steve! Heres a closer look… … Continue reading

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Need some Extra Flow

After putting in my Koralia 5, I noticed that the water flow within the tank can still be further improved, so I went out to get some additional kit…Hopefully it would be enough for a while.

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Setting Up The Tank

The guys from Aquamarin came by at about 4:30pm, after battling a tire puncture. The fact that they are still so cool… The obligatory equipment and accessories “show-off”. I don’t have any top-of-the-line best-of-breed items, so, this actually makes me … Continue reading

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The Tank Is In

Last weekend, while world leaders were busy flying into Singapore for the Apec summit, I was busy with my little own tank summit. 😀 My tank arrived on Saturday, and it was a busy Sunday! The tank makers came in … Continue reading

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The Cabinet Is In

My cabinet was delivered 2 days ago. The cabinet was real heavy… and the space is a tight fit… Cabinet finally in its place. I’ve got to remove the small acrylic roof to make space for the tank soon…

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Polishing Updates

Almost done…. 😀 And finally done! So Shiny! Lovely! Wah… the thinner fumes are incredible! Feels like glue sniffing…. getting high….

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At Home Today

I’m on leave today to be at home when the contractors come. The heavy rain last week caused a minor disaster in my home. The balcony doors which have been left opened for the most part of the last 5 … Continue reading

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