Cycling – Day 4 Updates

Nothing much happening… I’ve been cycling the rocks since Oct 28th, so its day 4 now. Ammonium (NH4) has spiked to 5mg/l, which means Ammonia (NH3) is about 0.075mg/l. Very toxic. 😦

Nitrite (NO2) readings are still ZERO, but strangely, Nitrate (NO3) is at 10mg/l for the past 2 days…. *scratch head*


In any case, I bought 2 Chromis and 2 Damsels for the cycling process….. a bit cruel lah, putting them through this..

Also bought a Knobbly Sea Star for the kids to touch and learn. Left the Knobbly outside on another tank though with fresh changes of water every few days. Don’t want the ammonia to kill it.

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4 Responses to Cycling – Day 4 Updates

  1. Andrew says:

    For a moment, I thought you had gotten into riding your bike!

    Why do the rocks need cycling?

  2. paulcbc says:

    😀 This is the normal process of curing the rocks. There could be dead organisms on the rocks, and I need to build up the bacteria on the rocks as biological filters to help me break down ammonia to Nitrite and then to Nitrate… 🙂 Else, the fishes would die la…

  3. JH Fong says:

    You should go to church everyday Paul! Why torture the poor damels and chromis when you already know that the water condition is not good for the fish at all!!!?!?!

    That Knobbly star may chew on your corals in later stages. Please find out more before you purchase them…..otherwise you might as well donate your money to my Clarion Angel Fund.

  4. Craftsman says:

    The choc chip sea star costs too little to contribute to your angel fund la…. 🙂 but yes, would like to have you join me in church. Wanna join me this Sunday?

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