And then there are Rocks…

Yesterday, I went to Lim Chu Kang with a buddy “F” at work, and came away with some 27kgs of Live Rocks for the new tank. I don’t think its gonna be enough, but it should suffice for now.

The rocks are now at home curing in 3 different pails and a styrofoam box.

The larger rocks in the styrofoam box. This nice flat rock will make the tank look really nice. 🙂

Another three tonga rocks in the pail.

I just did an amonia test on the water in the styrofoam box, and its spiked to 2mg/l. This should come down again back to zero by the next 3 to 5 days as the bacteria builds up and breaks down the amonia to Nitrite before finally breaking it down to Nitrate. Once Amonia and Nitrite is zero, the rocks are cycled. 🙂

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2 Responses to And then there are Rocks…

  1. JoL says:

    Wow! You are now seriously “fishy”! 😀

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