God’s Car Lot

Its now Sept 7th, more than 6 months from the day I joined my present company. From the outset, I knew it was going to be a difficult role. I was coming in and replacing an under performing Manager, fixing the IT issues in the country, and getting things right again. By itself, the task is already a very tall order. BUT, add on the completely new industry of Logistics, I was really getting in above my head.

I knew form the start that I would not be able to do it by my own strength, but I also knew God had placed me here. The signs and indications were so so clear. But, in my frailty, I still occasionally panicked, and worried. Of course, God didn’t let me down. Things were almost smooth sailing, except of the air bumps. Everything was so so smooth, and if I planned it myself, it would never ever have been that way!

The resources I needed, all came in at the right time. Almost like clock work! I needed a person experienced in a specific Warehouse Management System, and God sent me 2! I thought I had the luxury of choosing between the two, until 2 days later, when God opened the door for an increase in headcount for my team, through no effort on my part! I immediately the 2 head counts He provided! What else can I say, except that His timing is PERFECT, and that He alone knows every single thing that is going to happen.

Indeed, this is His Car Lot. I only work here. I’m still learning and understanding how to trust more and more in Him, so that I am completely rested in all that I do. I’m going to try exactly that this coming Thursday. I’m going to leave my laptop behind and turn off my blackberry as I head to Bintan for a well deserved holiday with my family! 🙂

This is the diagram I have on my notice board. I look at it every day to see His hands upon my life and the job here. 🙂


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1 Response to God’s Car Lot

  1. JoL says:

    I hate the Blackberry!

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