4 months on….

It’s July 5th, a good 4 months since I took on this new role. Things are moving along, and stabilizing. I’ve hired 3 new staff, 1 of whom could not stand the stress and will leave soon. The work is tough and expectations are high. Thankfully, my bosses (yes.. I have three) think pretty well of me. The team I joined in March lacked credibility, drive and was a bane of the business. Everything could not be done, and IT became a hindrance and slowed down the business.

Today, IT is looked upon as a driver for the business. It is the eyes of the company. Everyone looks towards IT for support, and most importantly, we’ve gained back our credibility. IT has never spent more money then after I joined, but no one is complaining. My bosses are supporting me and have told me in no uncertain terms that they would never second guess me. If I said we needed to spend on something, they would all align behind me and go.

Much progress in 4 months. I cannot think of how I have achieved the most important shift in the minds of people, except that it is God. No one could have done this.

Are all the issues gone? Absolutely not.

We still have issues. But, they are under control, and we are no longer the laughing stock of the entre company. Last week, the IT head in Thailand called me and asked for help. He said that the bosses have pointed out that the Singapore IT team has done a phenomenal job, and asked him to check with me how we’ve done it.

I look back, and know that God and only God alone has brought this about. And I’m shouting this out to the whole world!

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1 Response to 4 months on….

  1. Jo L says:

    praise b to God!

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