Its been a crazy 3 months so far in my new role. I’ve had my MD come by in May when my 3 months was not even up yet, and she shoved the confirmation envelope to me. 😀

Yesterday I had my mid year appraisal done, and I didn’t score too badly. My bosses are all very pleased with the work I’ve done so far, and things have settled into a more manageable pace for me. The stress level is tapering off for now, and I’m coping alright.

The latest that has happened, is that the original ASRS guy was let go by the company, and I’ve hired both the 2 persons I interviewed on the 8th of June. RS is already on board since the Thursday before last, and I’m just waiting for A to be in next month. 🙂 I’m so thankful to God for all of these! I know that without His intervention in all of these, I would not be in this commanding position today.

On other news, I’ve actually quite like the stability in not having to fly so often, but I’m due to travel for the whole of next week for my company’s Resource Team conference in KL. While Malaysia isn’t a significant H1N1 affected country, I do have some colleagues coming in from the US and the UK! Wah…. Like that how?

Do I need to quarantine myself when I get back?

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