Medical Checkup

Last Friday, after reading the Straits Times insert of Mind & Body, I started to notice a seemingly persistant numbness on the sole of my feet. The article said that one should not ignore numbeness on the sole, as it could potentially be diabetes. That got me a little worried. I went to see my Dr, and she recommended that I took a full medical checkup as i’m at that age anyway. So, I did. Only, I had to do it the following morning as I had to fast for 8 hours to take my glucose level.

So, I went back on Saturday with a sample of my stool and urine, and she took my blood.

I got a call this morning telling me that my report was ready.

I just got back from the Drs, and found out that everything was fine. I wasn’t diabetic. I do need to watch my Cholesterol and my liver numbers are slightly elevated. All cancer markers came back negative. Thank God!

So, will be doing a liver ultrasound soon, and will be carefully watching my diet. No more seafood, meat and oily stuff. Veggie, oat bran, celery, etc.

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  1. Jo L says:

    take care n God bless!

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