Balcony Garden Update

I went out over the last few days and got a few more plants, flowers, etc… 😛

Heres how it looks overall now.

Close up of the Daisies…

Close up of Kyla’s Roses…

Close up of the Frangipani Flowers…

Close up of the Pitcher Plant…

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7 Responses to Balcony Garden Update

  1. DL says:

    Hi, what camera are you using? The pics are really sharp. Tks.

  2. Cecilia says:

    just happened to come across yr blog. Did I see a ‘french kiss’ costus in your balcony? It’s a nice plant to have and a good ‘filler’ plant for the garden.

  3. paulcbc says:

    DL: Thanks. I use a Canon 40D

    Cecilia: Yes. You have sharp eyes. I have two pots!:D

  4. JoL says:

    Wow! Plenty of space for Herbs!! 🙂

  5. paulcbc says:

    Um… just about hte only herb I like is Dill. But… still weighing if I should get more plants. Dun want to over crowd the place. But I did get some cherry tomatoes. Dunno if they can grow properly in our climate though. They’ve begun germinating leow.

  6. Cecilia says:

    instead of having more potted plants, u can try to mount a platycerium on the wall. the effect can be quite nice.

  7. paulcbc says:

    Um.. don’t really fancy a vertical garden though… I know its all the rage now.

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