Our New House

Picked up the keys to our new house on Tuesday, and have since brought my contractor to view the place. The first thing he said to me was… “Wow.. this place.. the previous owner spent at least 60k on the renovations! What do you still need to do?” 😛 When he found out we got it for only 10k above valuation, he was even more envious. Ha ha ha ha Thank God.

In any case, the condition of the entire house is really quite pristine. Everything is very very new. The entire house is decked out in teak timber flooring. We really only need to make cosmetic amendments like changing the toilet bowls, paint the entire house, re-polish the floors, change the stair banister, change the laminates on the kitchen cabinets, etc.

I’m bringing the whole family to view our new place tonight. 🙂 Really excited.

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2 Responses to Our New House

  1. ET says:

    take some pics lei…

  2. DD says:

    Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

    Sounds great. Love timber flooring.

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