Ariel and Elkan are Famous

The mailer came out already!! 😀 If you are heading down to Giant Hypermart, don’t forget to pick one copy up. You can frame the pictures up if you wish. 😀

Elkan & Ariel Mailer

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6 Responses to Ariel and Elkan are Famous

  1. JoL says:

    words of a very, very proud daddy! They look great! Well done kiddos!

  2. bigdaddy says:


  3. chris says:

    Nice! Laminate a few copies and keep them!

  4. Andrew says:

    The kids are famous! Did they get some free stuff for doing this?

  5. paulcbc says:

    LoL! Yeah.. they got a $50 voucher each. 🙂

  6. ET says:

    that’s cool… =)

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