2nd Day

I had to run a big errand this morning, and got the morning off from my boss to settle the sale of my flat. I got back just after noon, and it was mostly meetings back to back in the afternoon. Its still a lot of information that I need to go through, but my brain is feeling much better than the day before. Thank God.

I still have much to learn and catch up on. Today, I interviewed a candidate, and will be bringing the person on the team. Hopefully we can get this settled in the coming days.

Until I stabilise the team and understand the warehouse system better, I will be in this state of discomfort. But.. I’m thankful that there’s progress day by day. Thanks be to God!

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2 Responses to 2nd Day

  1. JoL says:

    Hey there!

    Terminologies are just “teething” problems! Hang-in there. God will never put us in a position where He thinks we can’t manage or is too heavy for us. Continue to trust in Him!

  2. paulcbc says:

    Thanks Jo, for the encouragement. 🙂

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