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4th Week and Beyond

I’ve been so busy over the last month, I haven’t had time to do anything on the Internet, which means not much updates on the blog as well. I’ve just completed my 4 weeks audit of the environment, and also … Continue reading

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Work so far… 3rd week Update

Just finished my 3rd week. Things are getting better, and I’m getting the hang of things. Also have a much better idea why things were so bad previously. Have a general sense of how to get things cleaned up and … Continue reading

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5th Day and end of Week 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it!!!! Thanks and praise be to God!!!! Amen!

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Ariel and Elkan are Famous

The mailer came out already!! 😀 If you are heading down to Giant Hypermart, don’t forget to pick one copy up. You can frame the pictures up if you wish. 😀

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4th Day

I survived the 4th Day!!!! Still a very packed day, but I’m starting to learn more stuff, and more importantly, today, I finally got a small piece of work done! Network diagrams of one of our sites!!!!! Thank God for … Continue reading

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3rd Day

It was another relatively packed day, with orientation meetings packed back to back. I sat through with the heads from the business units and understood the business from their perspective. I had so little time with my own staff, that … Continue reading

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2nd Day

I had to run a big errand this morning, and got the morning off from my boss to settle the sale of my flat. I got back just after noon, and it was mostly meetings back to back in the … Continue reading

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What was on TV in HK

I was flipping through the channels while in my room last week, comatosed when I saw this on TV…. Ps Kong Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness! City Harvest Church is on TV in HK!!!!! Woaahhh!!!! Creation TV that is. They’re a local … Continue reading

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1st Day In The Singapore Office

Was completely tired out after my first day. Hope things will get better. I know that God has placed me here to stretch me, and will thus provide the resources. Help me oh Lord. 🙂 Appreciate and covet your continued … Continue reading

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The week in Review

Its been a week of stress in Hong Kong. The amount of information downloaded from my colleagues in Hong Kong was simply too much! Wow.. I was so stressed, as there was so much to understand and learn. Learning the … Continue reading

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