Heres my plan for the week….

Its not normal protocol to send country IT heads to HQ on their first day at work. Let alone an entire week in Hong Kong. Anyways, without going into the reasons why the company is doing this for me, I’ve got a pretty general schedule from my boss on whats gonna happen in Hong Kong.

It looks pretty much like this:
– Overview of global infrastructure from the infrastructure team
– Overview of Hong Kong IT management from the local Hong Kong IT team
– Overview of the business from the business heads
– Warehouse & Logistics overview
– Meet with my boss (CIO & Regional MD)

Add to this, I’ll likely not yet get my email, my laptop, etc because of Singaporean logistics….
So, I’ll be bringing my Macbook Pro along with me to Hong Kong. 😀

Not sure if I’ll be slogging away in Hong Kong over the next couple of days, but my take is I’ll be terribly bored after the orientation, and that I’ll have lots of time to kill, especially in the evenings. Good time to meet up with some friends in Hong Kong. 🙂

Ohh….. I almost forgot about the fish!!!! Good thing Christine will be helping me feed them.. 😛 What a darling she is…

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  1. Gotta love the effort you put into this blog 🙂

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