My Apistogramma cacatuoids

My Apistos spawned!!!!! Saw the fries swimming free with mummy this morning before we left the house. Will have to keep monitoring them for 3 days, and remove the adults in a couple of days. 🙂 Wheeee!!!! I’m so happy….. Can’t get any pics now. The fires are too tiny.


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4 Responses to My Apistogramma cacatuoids

  1. Sam v says:

    I really like your set up. Looks very professional.

    I had a question about your tank. Where did you get it from? from the looks of it, you bought the parts seperatly.

    Where did you get that light from?
    Is there a hood on the tank?
    how often do you clean?


  2. paulcbc says:

    Hi Sam,
    Here in Singapore, aquarium accessories are very abundant. For this tank, no hood. I’ve decommissioned the tank some time back already. On my current 3 foot tank, I never wash my tank. Just keep topping up water, and washing the filter.

  3. sam v says:

    Oh nice, i actually went there 2 years ago. I didnt really think to buy tank accesories there. But for cleaning i do the same for my 55 gallon. I just thought for a smaller tank you would need more care. I hope to find that light somewhere, it looks sweet with an open tank.

    If you know some place online thats secure i would appreciate a good link? maybe?


  4. paulcbc says:

    You can try these sites. Check with them if they do international deliveries….

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