Feng Shui

Picture 001

Ever since I put in the fish tank at the office, good things seem to be happening (in terms of career). Well…. ok… I started a big and a small tank at home, and good things seem to have happened as well. But, the new house isn’t the story I wanna tell today. Its the story about the tank in the office. 🙂

OK… since I bought the fish tank in the office, people have been silently asking around if I did it for feng shui reasons. The office staff are notoriously famous for believing in such things. Eventually, word got round to me from one of my staff that people are talking and asking her. 🙂 I told her it wasn’t done for feng shui, but it must be working as I am getting an imminent offer soon. I got a verbal offer today, and will (finger crossed) be getting my formal contract by Tuesday next week.

People don’t know yet whats gonna happen, but when they find out, I think I’m gonna be able to auction out my tank. 😀 Starting price… $168.


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