2.5 ft Tank Update

It’s been 18 days already. 🙂 Time for an update!

Angled front shot.

Side tank view.

Front tank view

I wonder what this plant is? I see quite a number of them sprouting around the lawn.

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2 Responses to 2.5 ft Tank Update

  1. Liam says:

    Hi I am from england and have stumbled across your webpage!
    This tank is amazing never seen anything so stunning!!!
    I would be really grateful if you could list how you did it list of plants etc substrate…
    How long have you been doing this and what fish do you put in it…
    Also a question about the cockatoo Cichlids…. How do you find they do in a pair? and what size is the tank you have them in?

    Thanks sooo much

  2. paulcbc says:

    Hi Liam,
    Thanks for your kind comments. 🙂 Unfortunately, the tank has been retired. 😀 I’ve moved house since, and have also moved on from a fresh water tank to a marine tank, so i have teared own this tank. It was wonderful while it lasted, though.
    I don’t know much about cockatoo cichlids, I’m sorry. But you should be able to find out more from your local aquarium. But, form what I’ve heard of prices of tropical fishes in the UK, they are not cheap…. 🙂


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