A New Tank

I found a buyer for my first tank just a couple of days ago. I found the tank to be inadequate for what I wanted to do, with main complaints in the overhead filter and light department. Got a pretty decent price for it. I got a smaller tank (just like the office tank) instead. (30cm x 18cm x 19cm) Just about 2.5 gallons.


Bought a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides “triple red”. Triple Red being the colour of the fish’s fins, which can be seen on it’s Caudal, Anal and Dorsal fins.

Heres the male.

Another shot of the male.

Heres one of the male flaring (to impress the female)

Heres the femal (Yellow in colour when she is ready to breed)

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2 Responses to A New Tank

  1. ET says:

    tank again huh…

  2. JoL says:

    Wow!!!! Looks like the fishies got stuck in your head!!! 😀

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