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Spot of Fishing

I have the rest of the week off, and decided that I should bring my parents for a spot of prawn fishing, since its been a while since they went fishing. Kyla who is in the afternoon session also decided … Continue reading

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Apistogramma nijsenni

Finally! My nijsenni female in my office tank has emerged from her normal hiding place! She’s all yellow in breeding colours. Sorry for the lousy photo from my iphone. 😀 Hopfully they can give me some babies soon. The female … Continue reading

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A New Job

I’ve signed a new contract with another company within the group of companies where I work. Will start work on Feb 16 next month. Office location in Tuas!!!! Wahhhhhhhhh Siong man!

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2.5 ft Tank Update

It’s been 18 days already. 🙂 Time for an update! Angled front shot. Side tank view. Front tank view I wonder what this plant is? I see quite a number of them sprouting around the lawn.

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Feng Shui

Ever since I put in the fish tank at the office, good things seem to be happening (in terms of career). Well…. ok… I started a big and a small tank at home, and good things seem to have happened … Continue reading

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A New House

Saw a nice maisonette near my mother-in-law’s place last Sunday, and decided to pursue it. Have made a verbal offer for it, which has been reciprocated. Will be meeting the agent to pay a deposit of S$1k to exercise the … Continue reading

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A New Tank

I found a buyer for my first tank just a couple of days ago. I found the tank to be inadequate for what I wanted to do, with main complaints in the overhead filter and light department. Got a pretty … Continue reading

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2.5 ft Tank Update (9th Day)

Its the 9th day since I set up the planted tank on the 30th of Dec 2008. The plants are thriving, and I need to perform my first trim VERY soon!

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One for the Office!

I finally got meself a small 30cm(L)x18cm(B)x18cm(H) tank for my desk in the office. Have been thinking about it for days now! 😀 Just filled it up today with cycled water from home, 2 baby guppies and a pair of … Continue reading

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2.5 Ft Tank Update

Its been 3 days since the tank was set up. Time for an update. 🙂 I bought HC from 2 sources. Te HC which I used for all of the substrate was purchased from Pasir Ris Farm, and grown emersed. … Continue reading

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