A Trip to DD’s

Went over to DD’s last night for a little bit of a photography fun. 🙂 You see, he bought a pair of brand new studio lights for quite an obscene amount of money. 🙂 Well.. ok.. not so Obscene… but $900 isn’t your run of the mill type of flash either.

So anyways… with DD’s dire warning in my mind, of making sure I get to the right block lest I come face to face with a church elder (whom actually I’ve been wanting to say hi to), I parked the car and made my way up to his fourth floor apartment.

He was already mucking around with his studio, and I just got stucked in immediately.

I just came from a family trip to the grocers at Tanglin Mall, and picked up a half bottle of Ice Wine (From New Zealand, no less!) and a slice of Brie cheese. Would certainly make great subject matters for photography as well.

So anyways… here are the pics.




Will post the “making of” later…

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