Baby Contest

Uh.. this was back in March 2006. Chris saw a Baby Crawling Contest, and we thought we should go give Elkan a shot. 🙂 It was held at the Singapore Expo, if I don’t remember wrongly.

Kyla & Ariel on stage, mucking around.

While Gong Gong preps up the contestant.

ok ok… needs a little encouragement from Mummy.

Pre-contest Jitters… biting his finger nails… 🙂

Ah hah.. thats da way! .. lets see some spunk! Go knock em!

Heres the action!!

What can I say? 🙂 My boy…. He’s da BEST! 🙂
Baby Crawling Contest

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4 Responses to Baby Contest

  1. Andrew Wee says:

    wah! so many pics so fast – i can’t keep up!

    Thanks for sharing. I like the scones – making me hungry!

  2. paulcbc says:

    🙂 clearing my 2006 photos mah! 😀

  3. JoL says:

    wah seh! I like that Crawling Contest man! Like that also can! What was that? a box of choc? 😀

  4. paulcbc says:

    🙂 yah. Chocs…..

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