Investing Update

Its been about just over a month since I started getting into the stock market. Have made just over a thousand, and more to come. 🙂

The journey has been very very fun, enriching and absolutely absorbing. 🙂 I’ve learnt so much since March, and realise that there is so much more to learn. But, what I have started to realise, is that I’m starting to begin fashioning my own style in trading/investing/speculating.

There is really so much information out there, that one can literally drown if he/she tries to listen to everything.

For example, there are fundamental and technical ways to analyse a stock, micro economic and macro economic factors, intra-day trading, swing trading, value investing, swing trading, etc. I’m still streamlining my methods and style, but I’m happy to note that I’m settling on a style that I’m comfortable with. It’s different when you trade on paper and in real life. Don’t know how to fully describe except through an example.

I remember when I was in secondary school, sometimes I come back home after school and cook my own lunch. Most of the time, its maggi mee or something simple, but I remember there were a couple of times I went to the supermarket and picked out a whole chicken for roasting. The first time I used a knife to cut off the chicken’s feet, my mind went numb when I heard and felt the steel go through the bones and tendons of the dead chicken’s joints. urrgghh….. I felt like I had just murdered someone. But, the second and third time, it became easier and easier.

Same thing with live trading. My first trade with Macquarie Infra and Babcock & Brown, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just put in the money after considering for ages whether I should do it or not. It was just 2 lots each, and they weren’t expensive stocks. Just about 80 cents I think. But…. I felt like I was putting down at stake, a million dollars! 😀 Good thing I came out of those trades relatively unscathed.

Even though its only been over a month, I’ve come quite a long way. I no longer have the stress and shakes when plonking money down for a good stock. My heart no longer beats irregularly nor skip beats. I guess a lot of it is also due to the confidence in knowing what to do, what to expect and the exit plans, etc.

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