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Food Prices May Have Peaked

Do you think food prices have peaked? The UN food index as this BBC report shows, seems to indicate so. BBC Report

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The Baby Photographer

This is really really funny! I know my ex-colleague Chris Yeo would absolutely love this. 🙂 This is hilarious . Enjoy and have a good laugh! The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogatefather to … Continue reading

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Investing Update

Its been about just over a month since I started getting into the stock market. Have made just over a thousand, and more to come. 🙂 The journey has been very very fun, enriching and absolutely absorbing. 🙂 I’ve learnt … Continue reading

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Elkan… My Son

Walking to the car after church this morning, Elkan asked his mummy with a stoic straight face “Mummy, we need to go to Seven Eleven to buy some chocolates for daddy, or else he will faint!”. Christine was walking just … Continue reading

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