Going To School

I’ve always felt strongly about continuing education, but the type of education, and the timing for the right education is very important. Just the other day, I read about the disappointment of a man who had just completed his Executive MBA at a prestigious Business school, and had expected to command a huge salary jump in his next job. Alas…..he was brought back to reality that he didn’t really have the experience, and he eventually took a lower paying job than his previous job.

I’ve also always felt that the Executive MBA wasn’t the right education for me at this time in my career. Neither were technical certifications something which kept me excited. So…I’d rather spend time with my family! 🙂

But, recently, as some of you may know, I took the plunge into the business of learning more about the stock market, and seeing if this was the right thing to do. Well, I’ve reached a point where I’m convinced that this is something which I need to have good skills at, and it wasn’t going to be enough reading books and going through forums and learning from fellow investors/traders. So, I decided that I needed to learn from the best.

So, tonight, I begin my formal lessons with the previous Head of Technical Analysis of UBS Investment Bank. Not too cheap I might add, but something I felt absolutely necessary to pursue if I were to take this seriously. This is something I’d like to give my fullest attention to, since it is my goal to begin managing our own portfolio instead of getting our proxy wealth advisors to do it on our behalf. I’m also preparing for the future. 🙂

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