My Investopedia Portfolio – Update

I just checked stock the stock price for my portfolio again, and found that it has grown. 🙂 Very nice feeling indeed.


Actually, the reason why I signed up with Investopedia, was because I recently learned a method for choosing stocks, and was trying to find out if my understanding of the method is correct. Because I couldn’t find (at that time) a simulation based on local Singapore stocks, I signed up with Investopedia. But, I found a local site yesterday, and will be channeling my energies to that as well as my own real life stock portfolio.

Unfortunately, I would have to give up this portfolio, as managing and monitoring stocks really takes up your time. Plus…. the US market only opens from 9:30pm onwards, and I’m really tired out by then. In any case, I am very happy my theory works. I picked a string of Singapore SGX stocks last night, and by the time the market closed, I was S$660 up. 🙂 Very happy.

Will be putting the methods to work on my live portfolios soon. Cheers!

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